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Network Capability

Our Network consists of 63 Exchange street cabinets across the UK with the ability to serve over 700,000 premises with either copper or fibre services, ranging from xDSL to dark fibre. With the ability to provide our own sub duct  and fibre in the BT Openreach network, we can deliver this using our own subcontractors and are able to deliver bespoke large scale fibre projects quickly without the reliance on BT. The cabinets also have the ability to provide connectivity to bespoke networks for 5G applications.

Network and Software Innovation

High density compute nodes

We are planning to have our 1st high density compute node compete and operational by Q3 2017, this will be for the support of compute intensive applications such as autonomous vehicles including cars and drones. With the ability to provide multiple Teraflops of processing via GPU and CPU processors with very low latency to local nodes.

Network Hardware and Software Research

Along side our membership of the 5GIC at the university of Surrey (Guildford) we will be undertaking several field based connectivity research projects in 2017 to support high speed and low latency applications in areas of 5G, IoT and vehicle connectivity. The connectivity for these will also include interaction with the key cloud platforms including AWS (Amazon) and Azure (Microsoft).

UK telephony upgrade

We have and are continuing to develop software based voice solutions for both consumer and business that can replace the existing PSTN infrastructure, with our high density compute nodes we are able to replace the legacy exchange infrastructure with a pizza box sized dedicated server. This will support up to 100k concurrent users, scaling way beyond the current exchange requirements.