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Machine learning challenge 2016 is GO!

26th February 2016

Today NextGen is launching its Machine Learning challenge 2016 which is based around the Chinese strategy game GO, we are aiming to have in conjunction with the launch of our High Density compute node in Q3 an application which is outside of the key applications for autonomous vehicles that is 'fun' and also demonstrates the compute power and low network latency of the node. We will be using the compute power of the node to process for both the 'learning' network with deep neural network pipeline and the 'playing' network utilizing Monte Carlo tree search techniques. We will be looking to complete this in Q3/Q4 2016 and be in a position to challenge leading GO computers such as Zen and AlphaGO in early 2017. If you are interested in being involved and have the relevant experience such as a higher degree in a maths related subject or are part of a recognized UK university department and would like the opportunity to have access to a High density GPU network please contact us (n.b. this is not paid !) If you are just interested in getting involved in Machine Learning please see the excellent online courses such as 'Machine Learning' by Andrew Ng on Coursera.


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