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Our Network

Ultrafast Connectivity

Our core focus is delivering next generation high speed connectivity, to allow companies of all sizes to realize the commercial and operational benefits of cloud computing.

Our portfolio of connectivity products ranges from 100Mbps to multi-gigabit solutions, monitored 24/7 and offering upto 100% SLA. We are able to deliver the right connectivty solution, wherever you are in the UK, by delivering a range of access technologies and working with best in class network providers.

We deliver Ultrafast Connectivity to businesses of all sizes. Our products portfolio and packaged connectivity solutions have you covered. Wherever you are in the UK we deliver high speed access to a range of technology solutions.

Numbers mean everything to us, ultrafast means ultrafast, from 100Mbps to multi-gigabit solutions monitored 24/7, but we won't bore you with the details. You can find all that here.

We would like to highlight our "100% Availablility SLA" and Next Generation services that will leave you wondering why you hadn't chosen our Dedicated Internet Access full bandwidth connectivity before.

Our Network

Our network consists of 64 large street cabinets all with direct duct access to the associated BT exchange able to provide copper and fibre services through the exchange and also independantly using the BT ducts. We are able to connect these to our main London Data Centres in Moorgate and Docklands via high speed fibre for Internet, cloud services or Network to Network Interconnection (NNI) to wholesale ISP/VAR customers.

nextgenaccess cabinets

Our Cabinets

We have a several types of cabinet and they are all typically the size of a large BT FTTC cabinet, either double or triple door with similar usable space to a Data centre cabinet (40u).

They are all connected directly to the power networks, with rectifiers (DC power) and battery backup including the option for external generator power. Typically they are currently running single feed, but have easy access to 3 phase power for very high power density compute applications (up to 24 Kw).

As the cabinets are owned by Nextgen access we can change the physical cabinets to accommodate very high power and cooling density applications that wouldn't be possible in the BT exchange or a normal datacentre i.e. bespoke cooling options.

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