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Dedicated Internet Access

Our core focus is delivering next generation high speed connectivity, to allow companies of all sizes to realize the commercial and operational benefits of cloud computing. Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) delivers an Ethernet Fibre circuit to site.

Our portfolio of Business, Enterprise and New Build products ranges from 100Mbps to multi-gigabit solutions, monitored 24/7. We are able to deliver the right connectivty solution, wherever you are in the UK, by delivering a range of access technologies and working with best in class network providers.

Our products portfolio and packaged connectivity solutions secure, high speed dedicated internet access DIA delivers speeds between 100Mbit/s and 10Gbit/s.

Numbers mean everything to us, ultrafast means ultrafast, from 100Mbps to multi-gigabit solutions monitored 24/7, but we won't bore you with the details. You can find all that here.

Cloud Services

Private Cloud

A private cloud creates a distinct and secure cloud based environment that only you can access and operate.

Resources within the cloud will include physical servers, virtual computing resource and dedicated racks with private addressing and will only be accessible to a single organisation. The solution provides greater control and privacy to conform to internal policies or security compliance.

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud uses resources from both private and public cloud platforms to perform certain tasks or functions within the same organisation.

Typically to optimise the cost benefits of cloud computing an organisation may operate a private cloud for sensitive operations or data and a public cloud platform for tasks or data that is non-sensitive. Alternatively hybrid clouds can be used where public cloud resources provide extra capacity to ‘burst’ resources if required for a particular campaign or task.

Public Cloud

The public cloud allows organisations to benefit from services that are provided in a virtualised environment, constructed using shared physical resources and infrastructure and accessible via the public internet.

The public cloud can be used by organisations to reduce costs and improve efficiencies for non-sensitive applications and data such as online document collaboration and webmail.

Data Centre Services

NextGenAccess delivers state-of-the-art datacentre services from multiple Tier 3 facilities. Instead of housing your hardware and applications in your own IT environment we provide a highly resilient, high powered, secure environment with a multitude of diverse connectivity options.


Businesses decide to co-locate to reduce operating expenses, increase security or to guarantee uptime for business critical systems. Co-located servers have the benefit of all local services including direct pre-wired redundant Ethernet connectivity to the backbone, housing within an environmentally controlled environment and 24 hour by 365-day operation. Power, air conditioning and telecoms are 100% diverse, allowing us to operate independently of any one supplier.

Cabinet Specification

Each rack is either 42u or 47u of available space, supplied with a 20amp protected single phase mains supply split over 2 distributions, The 4 way high volume extraction fans in the roof increase air flow through the cabinet, whilst the perforated raised floor tiles feed conditioned air from the forced cooling system (maintained at 20°C). Each cabinet offers easy access to the front and rear for installation and maintenance.


Internet access is provided over 10/100/1000 Ethernet direct from the core switches. Customers can purchase as much or as little bandwidth as they require, and upgrades can be completed within 1 working day. Bandwidth provided to co-located equipment is classed as "Zero Length" and priced on maximum available bandwidth per second.

Rack Space

Rack space can be provided on a per "u" basis or per half or full cabinet. Rack cabinets, power distribution and networking equipment are all provided for in house. All customers need to do is plug their equipment in, everything else is ready to go. Customers have the choice of plugging directly into a core ethernet switch or through their own firewall or switch.

Support Services

Customer Support

Our customer support operates 24/7. Your call will be answered by a technician, not a scripted receptionist, who will try and get you back up and running. If there is a fault a trouble ticket will be raised. All calls are recorded with the wav file attached to the ticket for easy audit and follow up.

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