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A hybrid cloud uses resources from both private and public cloud platforms to perform certain tasks or functions within the same organisation.

Typically to optimise the cost benefits of cloud computing an organisation may operate a private cloud for sensitive operations or data and a public cloud platform for tasks or data that is non-sensitive. Alternatively hybrid clouds can be used where public cloud resources provide extra capacity to ‘burst’ resources if required for a particular campaign or task.

Advantages of a hybrid cloud are:

  • Scalability – resources can be pulled from a larger pool by moving non-sensitive tasks to the public cloud thereby reducing the demand and investment in private cloud services.
  • Cost – public clouds offer a better economy of scale and efficiency than private cloud resources so hybrid cloud solutions allow organisations to take advantage of this improved cost bases for non-sensitive applications
  • Security and Privacy – the private cloud element of a hybrid solution delivers the security and accessibility compliance that may be required where it is needed.
  • Business Focus – with a hosted hybrid cloud solution, you can concentrate on running your business, rather than spending time and capital developing and maintaining your own infrastructure.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact – as EMS performance reporting is now a focus for all enterprises the more efficient use of resources that Hybrid Cloud computing delivers can reduce an organisation’s carbon footprint.
  • Support and Expertise – with customer services providing 24/7 support and monitoring.


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