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A private cloud creates a distinct and secure cloud based environment that only you can access and operate.

Resources within the cloud will include physical servers, virtual computing resource and dedicated racks with private addressing and will only be accessible to a single organisation. The solution provides greater control and privacy to conform to internal policies or security compliance.

Advantages of a Private Cloud are:

Reduced costs – a private cloud can efficiently allocate available resources within an organisation ensuring their availability to departments / applications in response to demand.

Greater redundancy – virtualised operating environments ensure that if failures do occur across hardware, the virtual partitions can pull resources from remaining unaffected areas

Higher Security and Privacy – private clouds using dedicated resources with connectivity behind firewalls and private networks is the right platform for any organisation needing to store or process sensitive data and tasks.

Business Focus – with a hosted private cloud solution, you can concentrate on running your business, rather than spending time and capital developing and maintaining your own infrastructure.

Reduced Environmental Impact – as EMS performance reporting is now a focus for all enterprises the more efficient use of resources that Private Cloud computing delivers can reduce an organisation’s carbon footprint.

Support and Expertise – with customer services providing 24/7 support and monitoring.



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