NextGenAccess cooks up an ultrafast connection


Business clients with diverse connection requirements are attracted to NextGenAccess’ latest ultrafast fibre connection.

NextGenAccess offers the perfect connectivity option for a diverse range of company requirements, from Masterchef’s to Movie Producers, all within its Multi-Dwelling Unit Connection to “The Works” office building at Turnham Green, Terrace Mews, W4

NextGenAccess’ own Gigabit connection directly to the multi-tenanted premises, offers direct customer connectivity through our Chiswick PoP (Point of Presence).

An unbeatable alternative to the established carriers.

With direct invoicing NextGenAccess offered tenants connectivity options that they couldn’t wait to commit to.

“We are delighted to connect “The Works” building to our Chiswick Point of Presence. Originally designed for one tenant, our connection flexibility and rapid response ensured that when other tenants promptly requested additional connections, we could deliver without hesitation.

Our ability to deliver ultrafast connection more quickly than any major supplier was the key to expanding our network. It will also be the key to future successful deliveries.” – said Kenny Roberts, NextGenAccess’ Technical Director.

“We trusted NextGenAccess with an intrinsic part of our and our clients’ business. Ultrafast and reliable connectivity for tenants is non-negotiable and can’t be underestimated in a tenant – landlord relationship. NextGenAccess delivered and they continue to supply superlative connectivity and business services to our premises. They also helped us with connectivity for our recent charity event www.cookbookfestival.orgWe have very happy tenants”
– Lucy Cufflin for “The Works” added.

chiswick dark fibre service

About ITS Technology Group

ITS Technology Group exist to ensure the UK has the best full fibre networks, to provide the best gigabit capable connectivity and broadband to UK businesses through our growing partner community. This enables opportunity, progress, exploration, creativity, innovation and commerce.

We are determined to maximise the potential of our infrastructure and to create a nationwide fibre network that ensures UK businesses, communities and our partners are always at the forefront of those advances.

About NextGenAccess

NextGenAccess Ltd is a developer of ultrafast wholesale and custom fibre broadband infrastructure in England and Wales. Its core business is to deliver next generation, high speed connectivity products to allow organisations of all sizes to realise the commercial and operational benefits of cloud-based services, mobility and unified communications. NextGenAccess has successfully built an independent network across the UK with over 100 Points of Presence (“PoPs”) in ten different local authority areas, whereby small businesses in otherwise underserved areas can connect directly to wholesale fibre-to-the-premise (“FTTP”) broadband at speeds of up to 10Gbps.

NextGenAccess is a privately owned company with investment from the National Digital Infrastructure Fund, a commercial fund established in 2017 by Amber Infrastructure Group which has over £8 billion of assets under management with interests in digital and other public infrastructure, sustainable energy and real estate.