Nextgenaccess finds further Full Fibre success in South Essex

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210 km high capacity fibre infrastructure connecting five Local Authorities

Nextgenaccess is extending a major dark fibre network having completed the first 130 km phase earlier this summer on time and on budget, in the space of only a year. Following this success, and in conjunction with network services provider MLL Telecom, we are now hard at work expanding the fibre network infrastructure to over 200 km.

Spanning five Association of South Essex Local Authorities (ASELA), the additional phase two build over the next 12 months will see a further 100 connections being added to the 129 already delivered. The high capacity Fibre System is enabling FTTP connection to council buildings, schools, care homes, GP surgeries and fire stations.

Our Duct and Pole Access (DPA) / Physical Infrastructure Access (PIA) Code Powers allow us to access existing Openreach infrastructure, ensuring lower fibre network construction costs, faster deployment, and minimal disruption compared to conventional road digs.

“This is our largest PIA build so far and is further testimony to our specialist fibre infrastructure engineering expertise,” said Mark Weller, Managing Director, Nextgenaccess. “PIA is ideally suited to this project due to the considerable distances and varied metropolitan and rural landscapes involved. Our dark fibre solution offers connectivity to 13 BT Exchanges so lit fibre services can be provided by any service provider with a Point of Presence (PoP) within. It also offers connectivity to alt-net ISPs with PoPs in data centres or hosting facilities other than BT Exchanges.

“Our overall strategy is to increase the availability of Full Fibre connections in Britain by making them more commercially viable. We target underserved but not necessarily rural areas of the country – places where numerous businesses and public sector organisations are now ready to move beyond the limitations of FTTC.

“Increasingly, we will be a major strategic alternative to traditional means of network Access, be it Dark or Lit. Our PIA capability and specialist engineering skills mean we can build out Full Fibre networks much faster and at considerably lower cost than most, allowing our channel partners, ISPs and ‘Altnets’ to differentiate themselves. They can focus on delivering higher value services to their enterprise and consumer customers.”

For more details about this project visit ASELA

For further details of the fibre routes across South Essex view the network map.

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